Silver filigree Ethnic necklace


Silver filigree Ethnic necklace, Silver lace pendant, Jewish jewelry, Yemenite necklace

Handmade item
Ships from a small business in Israel
Materials: Silver
Style: Boho & hippie
Pendant width: 2.4 Inches; Pendant height: 2.4 Inches; Necklace length: 20 Inches
large silver filigree handmade Yemenite pendant necklace with drops and small opal stone in the middle.

Opal was rare and very valuable in ancient times. In Europe, it was a gem prized by royalty
And From the ancient Romans, who valued it as a symbol of hope and purity
In ancient Greece and ancient India, opals were associated with prophecy and oracles. The Greeks believed that opal conferred the power of foresight and protection

The width – 2.4 inch ( 60 mm). Chain – 20 inch (50 cm)


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