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Small silver earrings

Silver Filigree Earrings, Yemenite earrings, Simple earrings, Israeli jewelry, everyday earrings, gift for her A delicate sterling silver earrings, decorated with traditional Yemenite filigree elements The length-1 inch

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Silver filigree earrings

Beautiful oval silver filigree earrings. Dimentions 1.2x1 inch (30x25 mm)


Silver filigree dangle

Delicate sterling silver filigree earrings with traditional Yemenite filigree elements The length is 1 inch Width 1/2 inch

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Lapis royal blue

Delicate everyday sterling silver filigree earrings , decorated with lapis lazuli stones The size of earring -25mm x 20 mm


Ball filigree earring

This delicate sterling silver filigree ball earrings are totally handmade in traditional Yemenite silver filigree technique. The diameter of the earrings 13 mm

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